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24 Hour Mobile Response

Our business is here to protect your business. That's why we have a response team that are experts in dealing with security breaches.

We will provide you with detailed reports of mobile patrols carried out so that you can be confident that the patrols are taking place and you are notified with potential issues.



Mobile Patrols act as an effective deterrent to protect premises and work well at building sites, schools, factories and car parks.


Retail shopping centres and residential communities have unique security needs. Some locations need a constant 24-hour security presence, while others require an officer to patrol a larger area, visiting different places at random times. Both of these security methods are superb at crime and theft prevention, and Vigilant Security is in a distinctive position to deliver both types of static and mobile patrol services. 


Mobile security patrols are particularly useful for areas that do not need visible static security guards all the time. Visits by security patrols can detect a crime or hazard on your premises and trigger a prompt and quick response by protection officers.

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