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CCTV Remote Monitoring

We offer ultra HD analytic CCTV to survey and protect your projects.

To give you an insight into how the CCTV monitoring service works for the construction industry, Our systems are supplied and installed free of charge with a month to month

rental agreement in place of an agreed out of hours monitoring rate which carries no additional charges such as engineer call outs for repairs or the relocating of any equipment, this also includes free mobile responses to site in the event of an incident.


Effectively there are no sundry items to add to your fixed agreed rate so your QS can accurately budget consistently what the security spend will be on each project.

This means your whole site would be covered from start to finish at an agreed monthly rental, Bluegrain aim to build lasting relationships with their clients.


Our systems utilise UHD (Ultra High Definition) cameras with built in video analytics which can detect moving humans and vehicles within a virtual perimeter/region set in the cameras field of view (see below):

Upon activation of a vehicle/human the event and live video is delivered directly to our 24 hour control room whereby operators can analyse the threat to set to site and act accordingly.


In the event of an unauthorised person on site our operators can broadcast them through on site speakers that they are under surveillance and a mobile patrol/police response has been initiated.

No power on site?

We also recognise that some developments do not have permanent mains power and run there sites on generators through the working day.


Bluegrain can offer our own UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) & Battery backup systems which support our CCTV equipment through the hours of no main supply enabling your site to maintain a high level of security utilising a superior product during evenings and weekends.

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