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Bluegrain Ltd – Security offers a premier security guard service throughout Manchester and surrounding areas, in addition we also provide a nationwide security guard and dog service.


Bluegrain Ltd provide, uniformed, experienced and licensed security guards which are vetted. We carefully record your requirements and provide a detailed instruction manual to our 24HR control room and your security guards.

We all know that business crime is rising and that unfortunately adequate resources to deal with the increasing problem are becoming scarcer. As a direct result the business person is having to seek the advice and help of professional security organisations alongside that of the police.


Drawing upon many years experience within the residential security market, Bluegrain Ltd can offer not only advice but also long term sucurity solutions for your business.

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Theft and vandalism from Construction Sites costs millions in

stolen good and lost productivity.



Theft of goods from your site often has consequences far

beyond the cost of replacing the stolen items, it can result in

lost productivity, missed project deadlines, moving project

completions dates and ultimately penalty fees.


During which time you still have to pay your staff, hire equipment and bear the cost of running the site. Each day of work missed as a result of theft could have a compounded cost at the end of the project.



However, it is fairly straightforward to reduce the risk of theft if you know what to look for and how to protect your site.


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