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Bluegrain Ltd – Security offers a premier security guard service throughout Manchester and surrounding areas, in addition we also provide a nationwide security guard and dog service.


Bluegrain Ltdprovide, uniformed, experienced and licensed security guards which are vetted. We carefully record your requirements and provide a detailed instruction manual to our 24HR control room and your security guards.

We all know that business crime is rising and that unfortunately adequate resources to deal with the increasing problem are becoming scarcer. As a direct result the business person is having to seek the advice and help of professional security organisations alongside that of the police.


Drawing upon many years experience within the residential security market, Bluegrain Ltd can offer not only advice but also long term sucurity solutions for your business.

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The most important thing to a person committing a crime is not

being caught. CCTV is a major deterrent as it means that not only

does the criminal have to contend with the crime but they must

now also disguise themselves. This often makes them stand out

before the crime has been attempted.


With the latest forms of detection Bluegrain Ltd CCTV systems can detect and record criminals before they have attempted a break-in or theft. When these systems are remotely monitored via Internet or mobile technology, we can then either call the police, use a public address system to warn them off, or deploy our Mobile response units.


In recent years the quality of recordings has increased dramatically. This is mainly due to the use of digital technology within the CCTV industry, providing better pictures at a dramatically reduced cost which has made the systems so affordable that they are fitted not just too high risk businesses but to homes aswell.


A small domestic system will allow you to view around your house from your television as well as to review recordings of previous day’s activity from your computer. You can if you wish even access the system from any internet point in the world or from your mobile phone!

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